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Award Nominations

This just in from my publisher ~

Award Nominations

The Editors of Writers AMuse Me Publishing are thrilled to announce the names of their writers who have been nominated for an Independent Book Publishers Award (IPPY).

1. Tony Walkden’s With A Dying Breath. With so many animals on the brink of extinction, Tony has created a book that allows us to know many of these animals, understand the threats they face, and discusses what can and is being done to help them. All royalties from his book go to the IUCN to continue wildlife conservation efforts globally.

2. DeeJay Arens’ The View From a Rusty Train Car. A gay ‘coming of age’ story, this novel is long overdue. As young boys, Luke and Jared meet, become best friends then fall in love. This is more than their story; this is the story of the pain, the hatred, the discrimination the two young men face in dealing with their feelings and the extreme prejudices of both society and their families.

3. Stephen Park’s BOOTS: An Unvarnished Memoir of Vietnam. War isn’t glamorous, exciting or romantic. Stephen Park shares with us a glimpse of the real war – the endless trudging with full pack through heavy growth, enduring incredible heat or unending rain. Vietnam was wet – sweaty or otherwise. It was frustration, adrenalin peaks, ambushes and little red Xs on a calendar that indicated one more day of staying alive while keeping his men alive, and one more day closer to returning to his bride.

4. David Smith’s Outskirts of Insanity. Once you meet the Nagging Little Man, the voice that has taken over Harry’s head in this psychological thriller, you will never forget him. Harry was a precise, practiced killer for the mob, but The Nagging Little Man doesn’t have time for precision or cleanliness – he has a wide path of destruction to reap, and will touch, and even destroy, many on his new mission. The challenge of FBI agent Paul Lightwing is one he cannot pass up. David, however, isn’t going to make it so easy for his readers. He shows us that good and evil, right and wrong, antagonist and protagonist are not always crystal clear. The truly crazy part of this insane ride is realizing who you will be quietly cheering for when you reach the end.

Good luck and congratulations to the nominees. Our thanks go to all our writers at WAMM for making 2012 what will be an amazing year, with another five books up for release on November 22, 2012. We are blessed to have so much talent on our shelves.


We are thrilled to announce that two of our books, The View From a Rusty Train Car by DeeJay Arens, and With A Dying Breath by Tony Walkden have further been nominated for awards. They are under consideration for the Indie Book Awards 2013, as well as for the Eric Hoffer Awards. Entry in the Eric Hoffer Award also includes entry in the First Horizon Award for debut authors, the Montaigne Medal for best title of the year, and the da Vinci Eye for best cover art. Both books are nominated for all honors.

We extend our congratulations to both authors. We are very proud to be working with you and very honored to be along for this amazing ride.

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