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What Keeps Me Going

Shirley Frances 4.5 An overwhelming story of friendship, love and the unfairness of the society we live in. Jared is the new kid in town who instantly finds himself befriended by Luke. They are as different as night and day, but perfect together. While Jared is a shy loner who prefers to keep to himself, […]

Finally… A Day of Writing

I finally got a day of writing. This makes me happy. Life always gets in the way, but you wait and you wait for that time to sit with the new book and work. So yes, I have started a new book. Sort of. It’s actually the story of Luke’s mom, Ellen. Quite a few […]

Latest Reviews

Pl Love that Dares The View from a Rusty Train Car follows two boys, Luke and Jared who become best friends. They find a pure true love in each other–agape, not eros. Watching tv and playing video games together, a simple hug–that lasts too long–sets their relationship in the cross-hairs of a paranoid society. Their […]