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And the winner is…

book cover


From my publisher:

We are thrilled to announce that DeeJay Aren’s brilliant novel The View From A Rusty Train Car tied for first place in the 2013 New Generation Indie Book Awards in the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender category! Congratulations, DeeJay. The book is very well deserving of the award.

We are further thrilled to announce that Tony Walkden’s book With A Dying Breath tied for second place in the 2013 New Generation Indie Book Awards in the Nature/Science/Environment category!

It has been a privilege and an honor to be involved with these books. They each tackle social situations that absolutely need to be discussed. DeeJay’s book is about two young gay men struggling to find their identities, and trying to find love in a world that doesn’t allow it. Tony’s book deals with the issue of wildlife conservation – why some animals are disappearing, and how we can all help to stop it before it’s too late. Because Tony’s intention was to help with global conservation efforts, all of his royalties are donated to the IUCN for their ongoing projects.

Congratulations to you both. We are very proud to have been included in these amazing undertakings with two such talented, compassionate authors.

View my trailer here: http://www.writersamuseme.com/apps/videos/videos/show/17722898-the-view-from-a-rusty-train-car-by-deejay-arens

tonys boos

Tony’s trailer here: http://www.writersamuseme.com/apps/videos/videos/show/17722894-with-a-dying-breath-by-tony-walkden

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