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Attention Playwrights!


Looking for a place to submit your plays to be considered for publication?

I urge you to give my publisher, Writers AMuse Me, a look at your work. You won’t be sorry.

Here’s the info from their website:

Bearing in mind that artists like change about as much as a cat likes a bath, we are, nevertheless, looking at changing how the publishing of plays is done. You need to know this upfront, and be prepared to work with us if you submit your work to us.

With regard to scripts, they will be available in print (print on demand) and digitally, and royalties on all script sales, for production and perusal, will be paid to the playwright.

Artwork will be done for each full length play and musical work, and will be made available to the end user at a reasonable rate, for use on playbills and posters. The artist will provide their work in exchange for a percentage of royalties from the sale of the artwork.

Video rights will be offered for all plays. We know that people want to video tape them, so a licence will be sold with each production allowing the creation of 100 copies of the production. The end-user can distribute them, either free of charge or to generate revenue, but they will not exceed 100 copies, and they will not put the video recording on any social media or public outfit. The videos/recordings they produce are to be for home viewing only and not for public viewing or to generate further revenues.

We will accept plays that have no production history, but they will be sold at a reduced cost with the proviso that the production group who purchases one will provide us with a review and some photos for our use. Once that has been received, we will add the original production information to the script and charge the standard fees. This will help those playwrights who do not have access to a production company to test their work, and smaller organizations looking to test new work.

Further to this, we will attempt to create ‘promotional trailers’ for each of our plays. These will use a collection of still photos from the production of the play along with other graphics and images, a short script and music. If the play comes to us without a production history, and we receive photos of it from its initial production, we will include credit to the production company performing it. These trailers will be used by Writers AMuse Me and by the playwright to help promote the play in the social media.

At this time, we are accepting submissions for full length and one act plays only. WE WILL NOT BE PUBLISHING ANY 10-MINUTE PLAYS. We intend to expand to musicals down the road. At that point, we will further change the process, opting to sell the scores/librettos as opposed to renting them. There will be no rental costs incurred, hopefully making the work more appealing to smaller organizations looking to produce a musical.

Our rates are set standard rates for the purchase of scripts and production rights. The same rates will apply to all users for all playwrights’ works.

Submission Information:

If you made it through all that other stuff without being scared away, and you want to submit your play to us, please email us at playsubmissions(at)writersamuseme(dot)com (you know how this works… we just don’t want to get the email filled with garbage from bots). Include a cast list complete with character descriptions, a summary of the play, 10 sample pages (single spaced, consecutive, but from anywhere in the script), and the production history, all included in the body of the email. We will NOT open any attachments.


Best of luck everyone!

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