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New Award and BEA 2014

It all still amazes me. When I started out as a writer the biggest accomplishment I could’ve ever hoped for was to be published. When that happened, it was one of the most amazing moments of my life.

Now two years later, the book has won awards. This past month it won its third. Completely out of nowhere. All the same feelings came back. It was just like I’d won the first. Its a feeling I can’t explain. It never gets old.

NIEA Award



Winning the awards gave me the opportunity to sign at the Book Expo of America 2014 in New York City. I still can’t find the words to explain the emotions. So instead, please enjoy my favorites from the BEA and from the trip to New York that I got to spend with my fiance, Steve, and one of my dearest friends, Vicki. Not to mention I FINALLY got to meet Paula (WAMM Editor) in person which was a thrill! I hope you enjoy.

BEA Signing 2 BEA Signing 3  BEA Signing Paula Bea Signing IMG_20140528_120741599 IMG_20140528_124420897 IMG_20140529_100918649 IMG_20140529_123301857_HDR IMG_20140529_194827868 IMG_20140529_210632099_HDR IMG_20140530_103119502 IMG_20140531_112920286


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