Writers AMuse Me Publishing ~ My publisher.

The Writers Block – If you’re looking for a writing community, this is one of the best!


Fellow WAMM authors:

Steve Saari – My love and brilliant poet and playwright.

Mary Cote-Walkden  ~ Teacher, friend, sister, and brilliant writer.

Kathryn Lavelle – Dear friend and amazing poet.


The Great Hair Migration

Bambi’s BlogAssSphere

Paul Barile

Honey Boudreaux

Tom Bryde

RM Clark

Heather Gregson

Marc Holland

Joe Krawczyk

Stephen L. Park

Emma Eden Ramos

Dave Smith

Shakey S. Smith

Tom Swimm

Barbara Townsend

Tony Walkden

Mariah E. Wilson



June Kramin ~ Author ~ One of my favorite authors and my sister.

S. Dennison ~ Just a way cool person and a great blog!

Saarens Productions ~ When I’m not writing I work on theater and film.

2 comments on “Links

  1. Hello Deejay. You left me a note on Twitter about reviewing your new release, The View From A Rusty Train Car. Please be aware that I have about 30 books in my review stack, and I review 3 to 4 per month, so it will be some time before I can get to it. If that time delay is not a problem, you can send a review copy to:
    Alan Chin
    1121 N May Drive
    Palm Springs, CA 92262

    Thanks for thinking of me,
    alan chin

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